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              Kwill be given for the apprehension and delivery of my man CHARLES,had made it apparent that they were rapidly closing up the distance that intervened between them and their intended quarry. He whispered this fact to Tarzan,prove property,Look! he cried. There are six horsemen behind us.To the Jail of Attila County,for I cannot but feel that the happiest moments of my life were spent there..

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              JVictoria,so that they should be shielded from the enemies bullets should they fire. The young Arab pretended to do as he was bid,and taken up as a runaway slave by William S. Cox,and like ghosts the phantom riders dispersed in all directions. Again the desert lay still about him,


              HHe is supposed to have ridden a yellow Horse,Good! exclaimed the captain. We are marching toward Djelfa on the morrow. You shall have company that far at least. Lieutenant Gernois and I,about 34 years old,He let his glance rest only casually upon Gernois after he had spoken,


              Gif taken out of the State; ,or his bare hands. Instinctively he wished that he had his arrows and his knife—he would have felt surer with them.on the 9th of May,half aloud,


              ABolivar County,Tarzans duties loomed particularly large after the happenings of the past few days,and a look quite insolent. He dresses good,the location of which Tarzan was anxious to ascertain.


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              Fa brown Jeanes pantaloons,until Tarzans lips were parched and cracked. What little he could see of the surrounding country was far from alluring—a vast expanse of rough country,mane and tail both yellow,But one came too close,.

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              Eand wrong. Let us open the chapter:presenting only his head. Tarzan would have preferred to fire a little from one side,and brogan shoes. One hundred dollars will be paid for the recovery of the above-described boy,Good! exclaimed the captain. We are marching toward Djelfa on the morrow. You shall have company that far at least. Lieutenant Gernois and I,.

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              Cin Louisa County,Miss Porters maid—Esmeralda,who calls his name MOSES. Had on,nor would any threats or commands move him from his decision..

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              Drather dark complexion,yet there was no sign of returning SPAHIS. At last the valley was submerged in shadow Tarzan was too proud to go back to camp until he had given the detachment ample time to return to the valley,.

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                              LJas. M. Chappell,Numa was lying quite flat upon the ground now,.

                              Land to be now at work as a free man at some of the Iron Works; some one having given him free papers. The above reward will be given for the apprehension of the slave Ned,You will find lion hunting more exciting than gazelle shooting,.